I’m a Medical Aesthetician from living in Charlotte, North Carolina. An aesthetician is a skincare specialist that performs professional treatments such as: waxing; tinting; makeup; facials; chemical peels; microdermabrasion; microcurrent; lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, and other facial massages; LED; ultrasonic treatments; dermaplaning; and so much more. I’m also a level one Reiki practitioner and am a certified Laser Skin Specialist (meaning I also perform laser hair removal and laser skin services). I love everything about this industry and am always looking to further my education.

Being a professional in the beauty industry has inspired me to share my passion for skincare and expose all of the lies & nonsense that magazines, social media, celebrities, and television spew onto naive consumers, even those that think they know better. The internet has many great resources for us to access, but that has only increased the amount of b.s. advice out there. Some clients of mine even come in telling me all about these “amazing” products they’re using that they researched online, only to find out that they’re not good at all for their skin. Every one’s skin is different; we all have a skin type, different concerns, and skin conditions we’re trying to correct; and all of those need to be taken into account when choosing a product, regimen or treatment for an individual.

After years of biting my tongue talking to beauty-store consultants and trying to keep my cool reading advice given by “beauty gurus”, I’ve finally decided to give my expertise on the subject. I can’t wait to share my knowledge on all things skin & skincare related and give good advice to fellow beauty-lover’s straight from an industry professional.

On here you’ll find product reviews, my monthly favorites (skincare, makeup, or health & wellness products), daily skincare tips & basic skincare information, and a blog on whatever skin-related topics I feel like sharing.

I am so excited to be starting this new journey with you all and I can’t wait to see what’s to come! I hope you enjoy!


Estie Knows Bestie